Delivery Policy

Each of our clients and their order is more valuable for us. Similarly, we are trying to our best in delivery commitment. We never use any kind of fake account, VPN or any other automatic boot that harms our client’s business. We only collect reviews of interested people through marketing of client’s business in internet world. Since our services are not owned so, delivery times are often short or long.

The reasons are as follows-

1. Delivery time may be delayed if review site update or algo change.
2. Since we collect reviews of interested people through marketing, in many cases it takes time to find interested people. Therefore, it is the main reason for an order delivery delay.
3. Delivery time is delayed because the review is not published in spam, strike, blacklisted URL.

Refund Policy

We are committed to provide the best possible services to our customers. Apart from quality of the work, we value time, so we also ensure that you get your orders in a certain period of time. We are happy to help you regarding your feedback and concerns about services purchased from us. Therefore we have a “refund policy”. In case if you are not happy with our services or have any concerns then use our Contact Form. Our expert support team will be happy to resolve your concerns in 24 Hrs. If you are still not satisfied with our support then you may apply for refund/cancellation.

In the following cases you may apply for refund or Cancellations:

a) Products or services bought more than once for the same URL by mistake.
b) If you change your mind to cancel your order before the service starts.

In the following cases we have rights to reject the refund requests/Cancellations:

1. Once we start the work/service for clients then we won’t be able to refund.
2. If client asks for refund in the middle or after completion of work/service done.
3. After sending orders, if you delete your page/account or change it to private or change username , We will not refund for this cases.
4. If client asks for refund after receiving contents and reports of the services/work done.
5. If we miss the submission deadline due to clients delay/failure in providing necessary content and information on time.
6. If you asks for refund due to absence of features that are not promised on service packages on our official website.

Note: We make sure that you get all the features that are given in service packages. For example if you have ordered “Instant reviews” package we ensure that we keep up with the order and send you detailed report for the same.

1. Customized Services/work are non refundable.
2. If we find a payment dispute or charge-back from a bank or credit card company your service/work will be blocked without any notice. Also if you getting any bad reviews by the interested user or any strike then we will not responsible for that. reserves the right to modify such price from time to time without serving a prior notice. The price or payment shall refer to the updated price of the package.

The user, without contradicting to the terms and conditions of PayPal, agrees not to dispute any PayPal transaction with bulkcityreviews unless bulkcityreviews dispute resolution arrangements fail to address the legitimate claims of the client.

The client is advised for his/her own benefits to understand all aspects of the transactions and have an independent legal opinion before making a final decision to subscribe to the Services. owns no liability if you omit to read the TOS.